March 3, 2018
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Greetings from IEEE - VBIT SB! IEEE - INSIDER, the Digital Newsletter of IEEE - VBIT SB is an initiative taken by the Student Branch in 2015 in order to reach out extensively and provide an insight on the Student Branch, its activities and achievements. We are glad to inform that the Volume III of the INSIDER was released online on 1st March, 2018 on the occasion of Holi. Find an insight of the IEEE - INSIDER at : The foremost objective of IEEE - INSIDER, the Digital Newsletter of IEEE - VBIT SB is to provide an insight on its student chapter activities and bring into limelight the technical information to the readers on contemporary technology. This is a platform for students to share their views and opinions regarding professional skills. It is a peek through into the world of IEEE. In this issue of the IEEE - INSIDER the new initiatives taken by the team differing in its own way of projection are; a note from the Branch Counsellor, an in-detail brief about IEEE and IEEE - VBIT SB, Tech Tips, Apprentice Approbation, Exploring the joy of IEEE - VBIT SB through pictures and last but not the least the Tech Teaser. Catch a glimpse of the IEEE - INSIDER at the above provided link and please do hit us a reply telling us your thoughts about it. Please do send in your suggestions and opinions.

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